About Lamontage


Acrylic fibers and/or polyester fibers are intricately cut, blended and layered by hand, and then mechanically interlocked by needle-punching. Needle-punching is the process of converting the webs of loose, hand-laid fibers into a coherent nonwoven fabric on a needle loom. The needle loom mechanically orients and entangles the fibers to achieve this. For additional strength, the fibers are needled to a base fabric and then coated with natural latex. Using the latest nanotechnology, an EPA approved SmartSilver™ antimicrobial finish permanently embeds microscopic silver particles in the material. This prevents deterioration, odor and the growth of mildew, making LAMONTAGE™ textiles extremely durable and ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

The LAMONTAGE™ process utilizes different methods of producing cut-outs and other dimensional designs in the material. Computerized water jets create intricate cut-out designs in LAMONTAGE™ rugs and wallcovering. Die cutting is used as a more economical way of producing less complicated cut-out designs. Amorphous cut-outs can be formed organically by tearing or cutting by hand during the LAMONTAGE™ process.

LAMONTAGE™ materials can also be cut into different shapes; such as ovals, circles, flowers, leaves, fruit, fish and butterflies. With traditional, woven textiles these elaborate designs are not possible but because LAMONTAGE™ materials do not unravel or fray, these unique design dimensions are achievable.

The LAMONTAGE™ process produces material of novel texture that resembles felt, yet is made with acrylic and/or polyester fibers – not wool. LAMONTAGE™ material’s high durability and versatility allows it to be used very effectively for a wide range of applications.